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Episode 13 - Practicality of the Microservices Obsession

15 mins
2020-05-25 engineering

As an expanding industry trend, architecting solutions with microservices is yet another swing of the proverbial hammer that intends to solve every possible software problem.

But just like everything else in the real world, the reality of implementing this type of solution involves costs and trade-offs that you should be aware of. We explore them in this episode.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Modularity.
    • Scalability.
    • High availability.
    • Deployments with no downtime.
    • Programming language independence.
  • Adding complexity into the infrastructure and operational domains.
  • Increased coordination among development teams.
  • Latency considerations.
  • Implications in organizational structure of your teams.
  • Complex debugging hierarchies.
  • Consequences to coding practices and language choices.
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