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Episode 11 - Studies in Search Engine Optimization: 13 Essential Practices for Developers (Part 2 of 2)

42 mins
2020-05-09 engineering seo

Finishing up on our previous episode on search engine optimization, this time we discuss specific things that you can do as a developer building a website to improve your rankings and discoverability.

What can I do as a Developer?

  • Developers must learn about SEO so they can design for it. A few small tweaks early on can make it easy to integrate with organizations responsible for content updates.
  • Using the <picture> tag instead of <img> for loading images of the optimal size that provide a fallback.
  • Single-page web apps aren’t easy to crawl and may have lower SEO.
  • Using more modern image compression formats like webp and its implications.
  • Optimizing load times with preconnect and preload parameters inside <link> tags.
  • Minimizing and combining scripts and style sheets for more speed boosts.
  • More load time improvements with browser caching and time-to-live.
  • How service workers and Progressive Web Applications can help with caching.
  • Using AMP to improve the mobile experience.
  • Teaching the search engines about your content with <meta> tags that conform to OpenGraph and Twitter Card specifications.
  • Optimizing og:title and og:description properties in <meta> tags for search engine display.
  • Using <meta name="keywords">.
  • Describing your website with enough detail to generate search cards by using JSON-LD descriptors defined by
  • Use canonical links for similar content and nofollow to dissociate your content from external links.
  • Use <meta name="robots"> to direct search engine crawlers.


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