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Episode 6 - Underused Git Commands that Simplify Your Life

15 mins
2020-03-30 engineering

Today, git is the standard for distributed version control. Services like GitHub and GitLab have made it very popular. But while many developers know the basics, a lot of us still think of it as magic and are unaware of the “power tools” that come with it.

We’ll discuss a number of commands or command options that will help you be more productive.

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Comprehensive CI/CD System Design

Continuous integration and delivery is finally becoming a common goal for teams of all sizes. After building a couple of these systems at small and medium scales, I wanted to write down ideas, design choices and lessons learned. This post is the first in a series that explores the design of a custom build system created around common development workflows, using off-the-shelf components where possible. You’ll get an understanding of the basic components, how they interact, and maybe an open source project with example code from which to start your own.

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